Opening Day Chat (7/23)

Kyle Glaser: Hey everybody, Happy Opening Day. I know we're all excited to have baseball back. Let's get chatting.

Kyle Glaser: The Blue Jays and Angels are two teams that absolutely benefit greatly from this shortened season. Mostly because they're relying on key pitchers with health/durability questions (Hyun-Jin Ryu, Shohei Ohtani/Griffin Canning/Andrew Heaney) that get mitigated somewhat in a shortened campaign. With every game meaning significantly more, even one or two key series wins against a better team will be huge. Expect to see a lot of teams in the 32-28, 31-29 jumble when this is over. An extra win is going to be huge, even more so than normal.

Kyle Glaser: Peters' outlook has long been that of a reserve/bench OF. That's still a role he could fill for the Dodgers in the coming years. Starting, at least for a first-division team like L.A., wasn't really in the cards even before the Mookie Betts trade/extension this year and the A.J. Pollock signing last year.

Kyle Glaser: It's really not a bad idea to hang onto Frazier given Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge's injury histories, plus the fact Miguel Andujar is coming off of shoulder surgery and now will be diving around the outfield and running into walls, potentially. If they can get another starter type or mid-to-high leverage reliever for Frazier in a trade it could make sense, but he's valuable enough to the team as currently constructed that I wouldn't sell low on him.

Kyle Glaser: Spencer Torkelson and Austin Martin are 1-2, for sure. I'd probably go Asa Lacy, Nick Gonzales and Max Meyer 3-5.

Kyle Glaser: Interesting question. Here's how I'd break it down. Likely: Spencer Howard, Forrest Whitley. Toss-Up: Casey Mize, Matt Manning, Tarik Skubal, Sixto Sanchez, Edward Cabrera, Luis Patino. Unlikely: Logan Gilbert.

Kyle Glaser: As much as people like to rag on MLB and the MLBPA (often deservedly), MLB has been very, very thorough with their protocols and they've absolutely considered all possibilities, including what you've laid out. They're hoping for the best, as we all are, but they certainly are not winging it. The plans and protocols are crystal clear for these situations. Now, what that line is, of how many players would have to test positive for them to shut down, is not clear. And while certain players and teams are more prominent than others, if dozens of players, coaches and team personnel in any organization become endangered, MLB the MLBPA will act regardless of what city they call home.

Kyle Glaser: This is where sourcing is key. Having good sources within an organization who don't B.S. you and also who are willing to send you video and data so you can make some assessments for yourself. You are correct that it is significantly more difficult when you can't see guys for yourself or have third-party perspectives from scouts in other organizations, but it just comes down to having seen guys for years and having good background on them and having honest, reliable sources within an organization, At BA, we're fortunate to have a lot of both, which we've used to put together our Midseason Updates (coming next week!) and will for future reports throughout the rest of the year, as well.

Kyle Glaser: As I wrote in a column before the season started, a 14 or 16-team playoff is a superficial way for MLB to gloss over its inherent problems. It would reward mediocrity while doing nothing to actually fix the structural problems plaguing MLB, from the disturbing conduct it allows to take place on the international market to its awful territorial TV restrictions to its pricing out of middle class families from attending games. MLB has a lot of issues affecting its long-term future it needs to prioritize. This isn't one of them.

Kyle Glaser: The Cardinals already announced their Opening Day roster and Carlson was not on it. As talented as he is, keep in mind he's only played 18 games above Double-A. There's still some development left.

Kyle Glaser: And how about that for timing. Right after I answer, word comes down MLB is expanding to 16 postseason teams for this year.

Kyle Glaser: Bobby Witt. Austin Martin has a chance to be a very good all-around player and Veen has a shot to hit for power in the middle of an order someday, but Witt is the one with the shot to be a superstar given his power, speed, defensive ability and how advanced he is for his age.

Kyle Glaser: It's unclear because a number of players are living at team facilities in Arizona and Florida but are not playing, or are very, very limited if they are. It really depends on each individual's situation whether it's safer or not. Keep in mind Arizona and Florida are two of the largest hot spots in the U.S. It's not necessarily safer depending on where exactly the player is from.