Josh Norris Prospects Chat (7/16)

Josh Norris: Let's chat.

Josh Norris: I'll assume you mean K-ROB, as in Kristian Robinson to make this a Diamondbacks vs. Mariners question. I will take the group that has Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez, both of whom I hold in very high esteem. If he had not been injured for a good chunk of the year, Rodriguez would likely be very high on our Top 100. Fun fact here: Julio Rodriguez is roughly three months younger than Corbin Carroll

Josh Norris: Be right back

Josh Norris: Before the injury, Spencer Howard was getting some of the most positive reviews of any pitcher in the minors. I saw him three times last year and was puzzled as to how he was getting hit as often as he did, considering the arsenal he has at his disposal. There's a long way to go, but he definitely has the profile and stuff to fit toward the top of a rotation.

Josh Norris: Considering Vaughn has played in just 13 games, I don't think there are many (if any) scouts who have seen them both this year. In any case, Robert is the better prospect. Vaughn could be an elite-level hitter, but Robert is showing an ability to be a true five-tool monster. You don't get a nickname like "La Pantera" for nothing.

Josh Norris: I love Alejandro Kirk very much. No, he doesn't have the best body in the world, but the man puts the bat on the ball. He doesn't strike out a ton, takes his walks, has allowed just four passed balls all year and is throwing out 38 percent of runners. At 20 years old he's gone .315/.424/.470 at two levels of Class A ball. I'm not sure what more you could ask for out of him. He can definitely borrow a feeling.

Josh Norris: I'd guess some of those dudes, especially Rodriguez, are no longer prospect-eligible at that point. That's also discounting future drafts and international signings, so I'd say this is probably not the top five in four years. It wouldn't be out of the question to see some of those guys in the mix for those spots, though.

Josh Norris: We are shooting for Friday on this. There should be a marathon meeting on Thursday to discuss this and the updated Farm System Rankings. If you see white smoke coming from the BA offices on Thursday afternoon, you should probably alert the fire department just to be sure.

Josh Norris: Maybe the biggest riser of the year in the minors? He's among their top 10 prospects, and there are some scouts who believe he belongs in the conversation with Mize and Manning as one of their most talented arms.

Josh Norris: Matt Manning, Tarik Skubal, Alex Faedo, Jake Rogers and Riley Greene are some names that I very much enjoy in the Tigers' system.

Josh Norris: I wouldn't say that with 100 percent conviction, because Jo Adell, MacKenzie Gore and Adley Rutschman exist and are good, but Robert as the No. 2 prospect certainly wouldn't be out of line. #LaPantera

Josh Norris: The answer is probably measured in days rather than weeks.

Josh Norris: Tarik Skubal comes to mind for this category, as does Rays righthander Joe Ryan.

Josh Norris: Hoerner and Carlson could get there next year, Bart maybe the year after considering he hasn't gotten to the upper levels (here's hoping the Giants move Ramos/Bart to Richmond soon so I can make the drive to see them)

Josh Norris: I may get a chance to see him next week (Ice Bear in Florida, starting Friday), but I've heard he could have a ceiling in the back of a rotation.

Josh Norris: It was a shoulder ding, and he should be back in games next week-ish from what we've heard.

Josh Norris: Kyle Wright has the louder stuff, but they're roughly the same caliber of prospect.

Josh Norris: Yes please.

Josh Norris: We weigh high-value prospects quite heavily, so it will be buoyed simply by having Jo Adell (whom we currently have ranked as the No. 2 prospect) at the top of the system.

Josh Norris: All right, I have to get back to helping make sure the magazine goes to press. Thanks for all the questions.